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Photo credit:

Gila Sierra

Common name

Omilteman Small-headed Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus intermedius omiltemanus

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Federal and State Protections

Amenazada (A) - Mexico

Range Map


Countries of Occurrence


Adult size

49cm (19.2in) - 55cm (21.6)

States or Providence 

Guerrero, Chilpancingo


Chilpancingo de los Bravo

Species Description

The Omilteman small-headed rattlesnake is endemic to Guerrero, Mexico, in the Sierra Madre del Sur highlands. It is a small rattlesnake averaging about two feet long. It is differentiated from other subspecies of C. intermedius by its ventral scale count: 164+ in males, and 170+ in females. This species is usually a dark gray or brown, with molted patterns of a darker tone; but completely melanistic specimens are often encountered in parts of its small range.

It inhabits montane humid pine-oak forests with abundant rocky ground cover and sun spots. Analysis of stomach contents reveal that this subspecies of rattlesnake feeds almost entirely on lizards.

Little else is known about the ecology of this small-ranging species, and more research is needed into reproduction, movement, and how it interacts with its environment.

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