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We are industry leaders in innovative safety solutions, training, and emergency protocols who can help you improve outcomes for your team. Because we are a charitable organization, your company's investment in worker safety directly supports our mission.

Our training courses have been taught to thousands of students throughout the United States since 2017, and set the industry standard in safely working with, and alongside, venomous snakes.

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  • Provide training to employees on venomous snakes as a workplace hazard.

  • Practice an emergency response plan for venomous snakebites


When choosing The Rattlesnake Conservancy for your private training course, you will receive unparalleled expertise and professionalism, while actively supporting wildlife conservation efforts.


The advantages are clear:

  • Leading edge protocols designed with expert veterinary and medical advisors.

  • Full time dedicated training staff and support team of EMTs, paramedics, and biologists with years of experience hosting safe and professional training courses.

  • A rigorous curriculum and certification which is highly regarded in the field.

  • Fully licensed, insured, and permitted to work with venomous snakes.

  • We have developed the best handling techniques ... with the safety record to prove it.

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Sean McKnight

Training Specialist

1-800-690-5638 (ext 804)


The course I took this last January was a fantastic experience! The course provided clear and organized descriptions of the types of venom we may encounter, how they work, and how best to treat each in case of a bite. In addition, the instructors demonstrated how to truly handle venomous snakes safely and we were given plenty of time to develop our handling skills with both non-venomous and venomous snakes. My coworkers and I all felt that the course was exactly what we needed to further develop our skills as snake biologists.


Steve Johnson, Ph.D.

Lead Biologist, Rare Species

SWCA Environmental Consultants

Our instructors did an excellent job of teaching and breaking down the details of snake behavior, physiology, and the science of venom in a way animal care professionals of any experience level could understand. The training with live animals took professional development to the next level where staff had the opportunity to learn proper animal care techniques with venomous snakes under the guidance of experienced professionals. I would highly recommend working with The Rattle Snake Conservancy to train staff for venomous snake handling that prioritizes animal wellbeing human safety.


Jim Weinpress

Manager of Zoology

Henrico County, VA Recreation and Parks

Your safe venomous snake handling course was one of the most popular classes we’ve ever had in regard to safety, situational awareness, and wildlife protection. Your staff were knowledgeable, patient, and extremely easy to work with. The fact that your organization uses real, live, and venomous snakes as training was fun and exciting. I would highly recommend The Rattlesnake Conservancy for anyone who is interested in gaining experience with snakes. In fact, Gulf Islands National Seashore is planning to host another class for our park and staff.



Jason Magnum

National Park Service

My students always have questions about snakes and envenomation and I didn’t always have good answers for them. This course gave me the level of knowledge I needed to comfortably (and correctly) answer their questions. Having experts break down the consequences and treatments of bites was crucial for me. As an EMT, learning how to read a cage card and assess an enclosure makes me feel far more confident in my ability to safely deal with a potential envenomation call. The course structure allowed everyone to build up to safely working with adult venomous snakes without putting participants or snakes at risk.


Barrett Wood

SOLO Southeast Manager

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