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We have reached thousands of young people, inspiring curiosity, lifetime learning, and connection with the outdoors.

Education & Outreach

Located in the heart of Jacksonville, we believe that connecting kids with the many natural areas the first coast has to offer. Education and outreach are the foundation of establishing successful conservation programs and our aim is to get every kid outside we can! Every year, our education team attends events across the U.S. to help people connect with snakes and understand their important to our ecosystems. On average, our team reaches close to 50,000 people annually at several events, including the Claxton Rattlesnake Festival, Pasco County Rattlesnake Festival, the Florida Fire Festival, Lubee Bat Festival, Endangered Species Day and Party for the Planet at Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, and many more!


Through these outreach and education programs, our team works to dispel myths, teach people about the importance of rattlesnakes to our ecosystems, the potential for venom research to help save human lives, and help reduce conflict with wildlife. 

Every Saturday (excluding holidays) we will have a free 15 minute snake talk with one of our nonvenomous snakes at 10am and 2pm. Participants will get to learn about the species, ask questions, and touch the animal. Please contact us for special rates for military and veteran families, underprivileged families, or other special situations for any of our education programs.

Interested in joining our new, upcoming SCIFA Club to gain access to professional science mentors and biology workshops? Email our Education Coordinator at

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