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The Rattlesnake Conservancy was founded in 2015 to advance the protection of rattlesnakes, and their habitat, through research and education. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to helping people co-exist with rattlesnakes. Our programs are designed to make meaningful contributions that have on-the-ground conservation outcomes. Funding from our organization goes directly to the conservation of rattlesnakes and not to excessive overhead costs. Our programs focus on research, education and training, and land conservation.



Similar to many other species, rattlesnakes face threats of urban encroachment, fragmentation, loss of habitat and over-wintering sites, and the added caveat of being one of the most despised groups of animals. With almost no federal, state, or local protections, they are collected by the thousands for eradication with no regulation or harvest limits. Rattlesnakes meet their fate for the simple crime of being alive and straying into the wrong backyard. 

Research Programs

Our education programs reach thousands annually and help transform the way people perceive rattlesnakes. Support of major events like the Claxton Rattlesnake Festival, formerly a rattlesnake roundup, make a difference for rattlesnake conservation and people. We devote resources to these festivals in the hope of promoting a change for other roundups. Future conservation actions involve respecting the community economic input from current roundups while creating sustainable practices for future events.

Visit our Resources tab for activities that educators can use!

Our research programs are  focused  to have conservation outcomes for rattlesnakes, such as studying how translocation impacts survival of snakes, or how certain diseases impact populations. Research is an important part of the conservation of rattlesnakes, as many species are understudied and information about their life history can greatly increase conservation success of these species.


Our training programs set the standard for safe handling with venomous reptiles. We began these training programs in early 2016 and since then have taught dozens of classes nationwide. Students come from many different backgrounds, from zoo employees to military land managers. The training programs that we provide enable individuals to safely move venomous snakes out of harms way and reduce conflict with rattlesnakes. To learn more about our training programs, click here

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