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Snakes and Sailors! 🐍 🚢 

We had an awesome time training Hospital Corpsmen at the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence. You might be wondering what venomous snake handling has to do with the Navy... Well, these sailors are tasked with dealing with all kinds of wildlife which could pose a health risk to their units anywhere in the world they may be deployed - from invertebrates to venomous snakes!

Our training equips them with the knowledge and skills to keep everyone safe, even the snakes. This helps ease anxiety and fear in the field while increasing safety and boosting morale.

From cottonmouths and rattlesnakes to cobras and carpet vipers, these sailors had all kinds of interesting snake encounters to share about from their years of service. They feel much more prepared to deal with these situations now!

“The instructors were all very patient and commutative with all attendees. They made the course fun and exciting. I personally think the snake handling course is necessary especially for the personnel at NECE since we would be the ones called to deal with a snake problem. It was a very thorough course that taught everyone how to properly handle snakes in the field to ensure everyone is safe,” said Engineman 2nd Class Jakob Ireland.

Venomous snakes are recognized by the CDC as a neglected workplace hazard for all kinds of outdoor workers, from construction and utilities to forestry and agriculture, military and more! Visit our Jobsite Safety Training page to learn more about how our training can help keep your employees safe on the job and book a private course.

And check out this great article about it here from the US Navy press office!


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