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Photo credit:

Eric Centenero Alcala

Common name

Tlaloc's Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus tlaloci

Conservation Status

Federal and State Protections


Range Map


Countries of Occurrence


Adult size

60cm (24in) - 68.3cm (26.9in)

States or Providence 

Guerrero, Estado de México, Michoacán, Morelos, and possibly into Puebla


Species Description

This small to medium-sized rattlesnake occurs in Central Mexico at elevations of 6000 to 7800 ft. Their habitat is characterized by humid pine-oak forest with wide-leafed oaks and rocky clearings.

Particular scales (intercanthals) on the head of Tlaloc's rattlesnake differentiate this species from similar species in the region along with scale counts and it's distinctive dark eyestripe. Tlaloc's rattlesnake has a proportionally longer tail than most other rattlesnakes, especially in Central Mexico, that can be up to 11.3% of its body length in males!

Fun fact: Crotalus tlaloci is named for Tláloc, the Aztec god of rain.

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