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Photo credit:

Photo by Myke Clarkson

Common name

San Lucan Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus ruber lucansensis

Conservation Status


Federal and State Protections

Range Map


Countries of Occurrence


Adult size

90cm (35.4in) - 122cm (48in)

States or Providence 

Baja California Sur


Loreto, La Paz, Comondú, Los Cabos

Species Description

This large rattlesnake can be found in the cape region of lower Baja California and some surrounding islands. It can grow to nearly 4 ft long! It occurs in habitat including heavy brush and rocks. The San Lucan diamond rattlesnake is primarily nocturnal.

It is hypothesized this subspecies diverged from C. ruber ruber due to a large divide of unsuitable habitat sometime during the Pleistocene. In the present day, both subspecies have extended their range and now overlap in the area around Loreto.

This subspecies shows a slight tendency for rattle loss with less than half of individuals retaining a rattle after a shed! San Lucan Island rattlesnakes feature a blunted proximal (base) rattle segment which has less distinct lobes and grooves, thus increasing the chances of the new rattle segment failing to remain in place.

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