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Photo credit:

Kyle Varagas

Common name

Del Nido Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus willardi amabilis

Conservation Status

Data Deficient

Federal and State Protections


Range Map


Countries of Occurrence


Adult size

30cm (11.8in) - 60cm (23.6in)

States or Providence 



Species Description

This subspecies of ridge-nosed can be found in wooded, mountainous habitat of Sierra del Nido in Chihuahua, Mexico. There is not much known about this subspecies of willardi and more research needs to be done.

A large portion of this species diet in the wild consists of centipedes.

Fun fact: Like all subspecies of the willardi complex, this beautiful and relatively small rattlesnake gets their common name from the upturned scales that border the snout.

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