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Bryan Hughes (

Common name

Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus willardi willardi

Conservation Status

Federal and State Protections


Range Map


Countries of Occurrence

United States of America

Adult size

30cm (11.8in) to 67cm (26.3in)

States or Providence 



Cochise (AZ), Santa Cruz (AZ), Pima (AZ)

Species Description

This small rattlesnake can be found in the "sky islands" of Arizona and Sonora: isolated mountain ranges surrounded by desert. As such, they can be found between 5000-9000ft elevation in canyons and forests.

Their tannish coloration helps them to blend into leaf litter in the vegetated montane habitats which they inhabit. Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnakes are a generalist predator which preys on lizards, mice, and centipedes.

Females give birth to between 2-9 young in the summer (July - August), and babies are on average just 20cm (8in) when born.

Fun fact: The Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake is the state reptile of Arizona!

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