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Common name

Midget Faded Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus oreganus concolor

Conservation Status

Federal and State Protections

Countries of Occurrence

States or Providence 


Adult size

Species Description

This relatively small-sized rattlesnake is only found in the Colorado and Green River basins of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado in the United States. This species generally stays under 3 ft long. Juveniles of the midget faded rattlesnake are typically distinctly patterned, and the pattern tends to fade to a silver or gray as the snakes age. This species exhibits an ontogenetic shift in prey type (favoring lizards or shews over larger rodents) but not a shift in toxicity; venom of juvenile midget faded rattlesnakes are just as toxic as adults of this species.

Fun fact: The midget faded rattlesnake possesses venom more toxic than most other rattlesnakes and any other subspecies under Crotalus oreganus. This is due to a neurotoxin, concolor toxin, as well as a potent mytotoxin.

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