Photo credit:

Dick Bartlett

Common name

Hopi Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus viridis nuntius

Conservation Status

Federal and State Protections

Countries of Occurrence


Adult size

23.8in (60cm)

States or Providence 

Utah, Arizona, New Mexico


San Juan (UT), Coconino (AZ)

Species Description

This small rattlesnake is named for the Hopi People which share its geographic area. The Hopi often used snakes, including this species, in ceremonial practices. Rattlesnakes were believed to be a blessing of rain and fertility.

It is impossible to visually distinguish the Hopi Rattlesnake from the closely related overlapping subspecies C. v. viridis. However, C. v. nuntius is considerably smaller than its cousin, with adults growing to around 60cm.

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