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Rattlesnake Status Database

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The Rattlesnake Conservancy Species Database is a tool that can be used by the public, researchers, government, private herpetoculturists, and the like to find information on the status of rattlesnakes in their state or country. This database is searchable by any field below. We are constantly updating this database, so if you see an error or missing data, please send us a message or email us at

We are also developing an interactive map that shows the range of all known rattlesnake species in the New World (the Americas). 


Least concern - current information indicates this species is not in need of immediate conservation action to prevent extinction

Declining - current information indicates that this species is markedly declining due to various factors, such as rattlesnake roundups, climate change, indiscriminate killing, habitat destruction, fragmentation, lack of habitat management, and/or other natural and manmade features.

Crotalid of Special Concern - Species of rattlesnake that have been identified by TRC as needing proactive conservation measures to prevent becoming imperiled.

Imperiled - Species of rattlesnake that have an immediate threat of extinction or have a small endemic range without a resilient population.

What do I do if a rattlesnake in my yard or home?

If outdoors, leave the snake alone and it will likely leave the area. If the snake is in your home, contact us, or if we are unavailable or you are outside our range, contact a nuisance wildlife trapper. Be sure to ask if they humanely relocate snakes afterwards! 

What kind of snake is in my yard?

Venomous snakes are often misidentified. Use the tool below to identify the snake in your yard, but remember to be careful and keep your distance when observing wildlife!

Still unsure of the species of snake in your yard? Send us a clear  photograph of the snake and our expert staff will attempt to identify it, depending on photo quality.

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