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Common name

Tancítaran Cross-banded Mountain Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus tancitarensis

Conservation Status

Data Deficient

Federal and State Protections


Countries of Occurrence


Adult size

35cm (13.7in) - 44cm (17.3cm); possibly larger due to limited number of specimens

States or Providence 




Species Description

An extremely rare snake, this species has least number of actual sightings of any rattlesnake species, limited to just five specimens as of 2014, and limited entirely to adult female specimens (neonate/juvenile males were recorded, but no adults). It is endemic to the slopes of the volcano Cerro Tancítaro, where it inhabits the rocky scrubland edge of montane pine-fir forests.

It likely feeds on lizards, based upon their abundance on the volcano and lizards being the only food captive specimens would eat.

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