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Common name

Autlán Rattlesnake or Manantlán Long-tailed Rattlesnake

Scientific name

Crotalus lannomi

Conservation Status

ICUN - Data deficient, presumed to be extremely imperiled due to low number of specimens and restricted range

Federal and State Protections

Threatened (Mexico)

Countries of Occurrence


States or Providence 

Jalisco & Colima


Autlán de Navarro* & Minatitlán

Adult size

11in (30cm) - 24.4in (63cm)

Species Description

This extremely rare species of rattlesnake is only known from a total of six specimens and a handful of encounters, representing just three locations in Jailisco and Colima states. However, there is suspicion the Jalisco specimen may have been found in Colima but erroneously labeled across the border in Autlán municipality.

It is restricted to the ecotones (ecosystem edges) between tropical deciduous forests and montane oak forests.

They are one of three "Long-tailed Rattlesnakes", notable for their proportionately long tails.

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