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The Snake Conservation Standard

The EDCF is often contacted about removal or relocation of snakes in or around people's properties. However, often the requests come from people outside of the areas where we are able to come and assist individuals remove snakes. While we certainly prefer if individuals are able to provide natural habitat around their homes which allows a safe interaction with our native wildlife, sometimes people must move snakes, especially venomous ones, off their property to prevent potential interaction with family or pets.

Because relocating snakes by wildlife removal professionals takes skill and humane methods to be done correctly, the EDCF has created a standard for relocation and created a list of companies which meet certain standards for removal and relocation of snakes. In order to meet these standards, companies must meet the following to achieve each level:

Certified Snake Removal Specialist

This certification is achieved by taking our Level 1 Venomous Handling Course combined with our 4-hour course on safe removal and translocation methods. Individuals in the Level 1 course learn to safely handle and relocate non-venomous and venomous snakes alike. Individuals must take a refresher course annually to maintain their

certification and display the EDCF Certified Snake Removal Specialist emblem on their vehicle or company website.Certified individuals business's name and website will be displayed on our website.

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Snake Conservation Initiative Member

Snake Conservation Initiative Members (SCIM) are those businesses which have at least one staff member who is a Certified Snake Removal Specialist and:

  • Follows the EDCF's guidelines for translocation of snakes

  • Ensures safe and humane methods of transport

  • Is educated on how to identify snake fungal disease

  • Maintains the appropriate permits for transporting venomous snakes (if applicable) or has a contractor on call with appropriate permits

  • Reports sightings of eastern diamondbacks to the EDCF and consults with the EDCF for locations to relocate eastern diamondbacks to.

Becoming a SCIM is a big honor for companies and these are companies that the EDCF recommends individuals call when they need a snake removed from their property. Companies which are SCIM are also permitted to place the EDCF's SCIM emblem on their website.

Snake Conservation Initiative Partner

Snake Conservation Initiative Partners are those businesses which have at least one staff member who is a Certified Snake Removal Specialist, meet all of the requirements of the Snake Conservation Initiative Member level and are fiscal sponsors of the EDCF.

By becoming Partners, wildlife removal companies which relocate snakes are supporting the EDCF's mission to conserve rattlesnakes in the wild both financially and through conservation efforts in the field.


To become a Partner, please fill out the following form and your company's website will be advertised with other SCIM and SCIP companies on our list of approved wildlife removal companies and will receive invites to EDCF exclusive events. 

Jacksonville, FL |  savethebuzztails@hotmail.com  |  1-800-690-5638

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