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Rattlesnake sightings

We are often asked where people can submit their sightings of rattlesnakes in the wild, so we decided to provide an outlet for people to do just that! Historically, some state fish and wildlife agencies were tracking this species, but have since removed the ability for people to report their sightings online. While we try to incorporate all sightings we receive, the only ones which we can use to track the species in the wild accurately are those which are reported with a clear photo of an eastern diamondback (vouchered) or those submitted by scientists, naturalists, or other reputable individuals.

What do I do if a rattlesnake in my yard or home?

If outdoors, leave the snake alone and it will likely leave the area. If the snake is in your home, contact us, or if we are unavailable or you are outside our range, contact a nuisance wildlife trapper. Be sure to ask if they humanely relocate snakes afterwards! 

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