Conservation Partners

Conservation is only possible through teamwork with many different organizations, agencies, and private and public land owners. Cooperative conservation is one of the most important parts of the EDCF's mission and we hope you take a few minutes to check out some of our partners!

Ashton Biodiversity Research & Preservation Institute

About: Ashton Biological Research & Preservation Institute, Inc. (ABPRI) is a private, non-profit conservation area and research facility located in North Central Florida.

King Cobra Conservancy

About:  Dedicated to supporting ecological research and conservation initiatives aimed at determining the status of King Cobras in the wild and identifying threats and solutions for their future survival. We strive to develop a better understanding of the King Cobra's role within the tropical Asian landscape, as well as their importance in

human culture and their impact on the lives of people. 

About:  Georgia Reptile Society is a large herpetological society devoted to conservation of reptiles and amphibians in the State of Georgia. Their mission is "To educate the state of Georgia about the wonderful world of reptiles through membership, outreach, and social media.'

GRS is a partner organization in developing the First Responder Grant Program

Georgia Reptile Society
Paulding County Sheriff's Office

About: Paulding County Sheriff's Office is located in the deep south State of Georgia. Together, with TRC and Georgia Reptile Society, their officers were the first to attend as part of our First Responder Grant Program. This program leverages resources from several conservation organizations to provide tuition and travel for first responders to learn to safely work with venomous reptiles.

About: The Amphibian Foundation is dedicated to connecting individuals, communities and organizations in order to create and implement lasting solutions to the global amphibian extinction crisis.

The Amphibian Foundation is a partner in providing training facilities for our venomous handling courses in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Amphibian Foundation

Jacksonville, FL |  |  1-800-690-5638

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